Helping the body to heal the natural way
Helping the body to heal the natural way

Q&A – Kinesiology

Q. What is Kinesiology?
A. Kinesiology was founded in 1985. It treats the whole body. It maintains and improves health. Kinesiology is a non invasive therapy working on the physical, emotional, structural and energetic levels. Kinesiology testing works on the motor responses of the central nervous system using gentle applied pressure to a muscle to give the practitioner a wide variety of information on the life force energy systems. Kinesiology also works with Food Sensitivity Testing and Nutritional deficiencies.

Q. Does a Kinesiology treatment hurt?
A. Lymphatic points can be uncomfortable if the area is blocked.

Q. Can I keep my clothes on during a treatment?
A. It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Q. Is Nutrition an essential part of Kinesiology?
A. Yes, if there are nutritional deficiencies found.

Q. What does Kinesiology help?
A. Kinesiology helps most conditions as it can get the root of the problems with its many tools, you will be amazed.

Q. How does Kinesiology work?
A. Muscle testing works on the motor responses of the central nervous system, using a strong indicator muscle, the client will work closely with the therapist allowing Kinesiology to work to its full capacity to enable the healing to take place.

Q. Does Kinesiology cover Allergies?
A. Kinesiology works with Food Sensitivity. Allergies are usually known to the client as most of these are very debilitating and some can even be lethal clients usually know what they must avoid. Food sensitivities create digestion disturbances, headaches and lower the immunity. Most of which we can help.

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